Spencer Engineering – a division of BESTECH offers a wide variety of services and support to our clients.  Our services are outlined below with some example projects in the principal areas of support, service, and expertise.

Mine hoist refurbishing

Refurbish In-Place Double Drum

The site required the complete refurbishment of an abandoned hoist in situ, underground.

New Drive and Control with Mezzanine Design

New Drive and Control

Outdated technology replaced and upgraded to an existing hoist ‐ limited time for change over and limited space, motor needed to be sent out for refurbish during the shutdown.

New Hoist Control with Safety Controller

New Hoist Control System with Safety Controller and Brake Control

Design and supply an upgrade to the existing hoisting plant requiring new hoist control, electronic Lilly, brake control with new hydraulic supply and a new operator’s console.

Mine Hoist Regulated Braking Control

Design and Supply of New Regulated Brake Control Panels

Add a new brake control with regulated emergency braking within an existing hydraulic brake system and hoist control.

Customized Springpack Hoist Brake Design

New Brake Calipers and Spring Pack Design

Our customer was facing increasing demands from their hoist which, in its existing configuration, the braking capacity was not going to be able to meet the demands.

Mine hoist control system

Mine Hoist Control System with Safety Controller and Brake Regulator

Case Study: Apply a new hoist control, safety controller and brake regulator to an existing hoist Requirements: Design and supply an upgrade to the existing hoisting plant requiring new hoist control, electronic Lilly, brake regulator and new operator interface HMI. The hoist control needed to be integrated with an existing AC wound rotor control for [Read more]

Hydraulic pump unit

Pinion Brake Add-on

Case Study: Add pinion brake to existing double drum service hoist Requirements: The site was wanting to perform single drum man travel during emergencies. The hoist was a double drum hoist with a single motor and was not equipped with a pinion brake. A pinion brake needed to be added to the existing hoist without [Read more]

Hoist drum FEA

Hoist Drum FEA

Case Study:  Addressing Cracks in Hoist Drums Requirements: Our customer reported that cracks were presenting in their double drum hoist and the customer needed to understand what was causing the cracks and if there were options to address the cracks. We made a site visit to review the hoist, the drum structure, the existing cracks [Read more]

Hoist bearing lubrication system

Hoist Bearing Lubrication System

Case Study: Replacement hydraulic bearing lubrication for plain bearings Requirements: Replace a hydraulic bearing lubrication system to improve oil distribution and condition monitoring. The new bearing lubrication system was designed to allow precise flow of oil to each individual bearing housing port and improve distribution across the face of the journal.  Overall oil flow was [Read more]

Reel stand

Rope Handling Procedure

Case Study: Replacement procedures and fixture design for replacing head ropes at flagship mining installation Requirements: Development of a procedure to replace the head ropes on three large hoisting plants.  Fixturing and general procedure was to be prepared to maximize commonalities between the three hoist plants. A detailed procedure was developed within customer requirements to [Read more]

Mine hoist drum cradle

Hoist Bearing Change Procedures

Case Study: Replacement of a roller element bearing on the main shaft of a large double drum hoist Requirements: The bearing inboard of a direct-drive motor on the main shaft of a large hoisting plant experienced premature failure.  A plan was required to remove the large roller element bearing while minimizing downtime on the only [Read more]

Rope anchors

Guide Rope Replacement Engineering

Case Study: Replacement guide rope into modified vent shaft with limited access Requirements: Develop a plan to safely remove existing rope and install new guide rope.  The work was to be performed at an egress shaft which had been modified to act as a primary downcast ventshaft for the mine site. A detailed procedure was [Read more]

Hoist Plant Inspection brake shoe

Hoist Plant Inspection

Case Study: Provide mechanical and electrical inspection for five hoisting plants at one site Requirements: Supply mechanical and electrical hoist plant inspection including NDT of critical components on multiple hoist plants at a single site. A number of different hoist plants are inspected for mechanical and electrical deficiencies based on local codes and regulations. These [Read more]

Mine hoist log book training

Log Book Training

Case Study: Customized log book training Requirements: Provide customized log book training for operators, maintenance personnel and supervisory staff. The Ministry of Labour equivalent for most jurisdictions requires that a set of log books is maintained for the hoisting plant by the Hoist Operators, Electricians, Mechanics and Shaft Inspectors.  The details of all inspections, testing [Read more]

Customized training for mine hoist systems

Hoist Maintenance Personnel Training

Case Study: Improve hoist plant knowledge among maintenance personnel Requirements: Our customer required a customized maintenance training package for their hoist plant. Other courses available were not specific to their hoist plant. A training course was developed to cover the specific hoisting plants on the customers site. The training included hoist and brake control, lubrication, [Read more]

Mine shaft inspection

Shaft Inspector Training

Case Study: Improve shaft inspection knowledge among shaft inspection personnel and shaft supervisors Requirements: Our customer required a customized course to train a variety of new and experienced shaft inspectors on two different types of shafts they regularly have to inspect and maintain at the site. The customer had a high turn over in their [Read more]