Company Brief

Spencer Engineering- a division of BESTECH is an engineering firm specializing in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for the mining industry.

Our specialties centre on the mine hoisting plant, which includes the hoists, cage, service and production conveyances, electrical and mechanical systems, braking, and all auxiliary systems used in support of the hoisting plant operation.

As a company we have grown each year to better serve our clients and the market.

During this time, our hoist systems have evolved and lead this industry in many areas.

Our company has an extensive customer base of over 90 major mining companies and other industrial customers throughout North America, Central and South America, South Africa and Asia.

The company’s team consists of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Designers, Technologists, Technicians, PLC Specialists, Project Coordinators, Trainers and other areas of specialization.

All designs are completed on the latest AutoCAD and Inventor formats with alternate formats available on request. Other design software tools are used as required .

Company Philosophy

The philosophy of the company is to work with our employees, our clients and our community to provide a basis for long term growth to benefit all for a healthy safe environment.

Additionally our services and engineering are focused on:

  1. Safety – to meet and exceed regulations, industry standards and best practices within the industry. To date Spencer Engineering has been a leader in all aspects of system safety.
  2. Reliability and Serviceability – these two aspects are considered in all our designs and are major cornerstones to provide our clients the most effective operation available in today’s markets. All of our systems are on the leading edge to offer the most advanced system to support the demands of equipment and systems.
  3. Operational Performance – functionality and operational simplicity are key drivers. Our approach to provide the highest level of performance and to look for future opportunities to advance performance capabilities to provide the most “up time” for the hoist system. To limit the need for service call back as well is key.
  4. Support and Training – our team of designers and staff are available for long‐term support and training. Training is customized for each site and is available for all systems.
  5. Long Term Support – our approach is to support our clients’ needs and develop a long term relationship as a partner.
  6. Security – the design of our modern control systems considers the need to address the security standards of clients, we can address these needs in the designs.

Mission Statement

Spencer Engineering continues to develop and advance our efforts and designs for the mining industry for the overall betterment of our employees, clients and community.  To this end we strive for continued improvement in the following areas:

  • Our clients are the focus of everything we do
  • We strive to be leaders in providing service of the highest quality
  • Providing a supportive environment for our staff to be highly motivated and provide quality service
  • Safety is paramount in everything we do
  • Lead and train our staff to maintain a superior level of ethical professionalism
  • Continuous improvement is a necessity and is essential to our success and our clients’
  • The ongoing education of our clients is a primary objective