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Mine shaft inspection

Shaft Inspector Training

Case Study: Improve shaft inspection knowledge among shaft inspection personnel and shaft supervisors

Requirements: Our customer required a customized course to train a variety of new and experienced shaft inspectors on two different types of shafts they regularly have to inspect and maintain at the site.

The customer had a high turn over in their shaft maintenance personnel which resulted in a loss of valuable shaft inspection information. This information is typically acquired through many years of experience.

The shaft inspection training had three main objectives:

  1. To provide an evaluation of the skills of the personnel assigned to the inspection of the shaft(s)
  2. To provide an evaluation of the condition of the shaft and maintenance practices
  3. To provide information and training to be used by the inspectors to upgrade their inspection skills

This course included classroom instruction combined with hands on evaluations during a “typical” shaft inspection through one of the mine’s shaft compartments.

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Customized training for mine hoist systems

Hoist Maintenance Personnel Training

Case Study: Improve hoist plant knowledge among maintenance personnel

Requirements: Our customer required a customized maintenance training package for their hoist plant. Other courses available were not specific to their hoist plant.

A training course was developed to cover the specific hoisting plants on the customers site. The training included hoist and brake control, lubrication, brake maintenance, electrical and mechanical maintenance and other components of the hoisting plant.

The courses were also designed to point out and cover the specific local regulatory requirements.

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Mine hoist log book training

Log Book Training

Case Study: Customized log book training

Requirements: Provide customized log book training for operators, maintenance personnel and supervisory staff.

The Ministry of Labour equivalent for most jurisdictions requires that a set of log books is maintained for the hoisting plant by the Hoist Operators, Electricians, Mechanics and Shaft Inspectors.  The details of all inspections, testing and maintenance work are to be recorded in these books by the disciplines completing the work.  These books essentially become legal documents through the life of the mine.

The objective of this course is to provide a detailed approach on how to complete and manage the entries so that the information is consistent, clear, concise and focused to meet the requirements of the ministry and to also provide a good history on the maintenance of the equipment in the hoisting plant.

This course can be designed to be delivered across all groups (electricians, mechanics, hoist operators and shaft inspectors) in the same sitting which proves beneficial in the discussions.

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