New Engineering Designs

Spencer Engineering- a division of BESTECH. is constantly finding new ways and solutions to advance our designs and standards.  Although mining tends to be one of the more traditional industries, we are always developing new and innovative ways to help with the safety and efficiency of the hoisting plants used in underground mining.  Our designers are working with new PLC technologies to help track hoist events, performance and communication.

We have recently installed and fully tested a new electronic hoist safety monitor, or more commonly referred to as the “Electronic Lilly”.  The new “Safety Cube (S3)  – Monitor” is capable of safely monitoring your hoisting speed, slowdowns and stops through the use of position encoders and strategically-placed sensors on your equipment.  The three S’s represent Safety, Serviceability and Security.

Another new release is the “Conveyance Onboard Monitor” with slack rope indication.  This system provides wireless communication for a variety of features, each customized for the individual needs of the customer.  Options can include slack rope monitoring, skip latch arm monitoring, conveyance load measuring, on-conveyance belling, on-conveyance emergency stop SIL-3 and a variety of other on-conveyance signals.

In the works are new Hoist Control products and an expanded historian. The hoist control will take advantage of new electronic technologies to provide even safer, more reliable control of your hoisting plant.  The new historian product is designed for full event tracking, reporting and analysis.

An example of some New Engineering Designs can be found here: